Tillandsia Bromeliad

Native to Ecuadorian lands, the Tillandsia Bromeliad is here to make your summer better with its bright, fluorescent petals.

Vibrant pink flowering plant with long green leaves in a white ceramic pot on a table with a blurred kitchen background, showcasing indoor home decoration.

A tough and easy to care for plant is what you'll encounter upon your first meet with Tillandsia, it's what every flower lover wants, right? In case you didn’t know, Tillandsia is the genus for air plants. What makes this plant so unique and a summer MUST is its big bloom and vibrant color. If you want to add touches of color to spaces in your home, desk, or garden, this is your to go flower! Tillandsia Bromeliad is sold as an air plant as well as in a pot, making it even more versatile.

Water: This is one of those plants where less is more! Mist your plant once or twice a week, it'll be thriving and blooming in no time. The amount of watering depends on how dry your conditions are. Like all houseplants, water less in the late fall/winter months. Make sure to not soak base of the plant, which can cause the flower stem to rot. Preferably use rainwater or filtered tap water for misting your plant.

Fertilizer: For your Tillandsia to thrive, it is necessary to feed it once a month in spring and summer, with a specific foliar fertilizer spray made specially for tillandsias.

Light: Bright, indirect light is needed to grow and bloom.

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Once or twice a week

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65-75 °F

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In Spring & Summer

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Vibrant red bromeliad flower with pointed petals, highlighted against a backdrop of green foliage with soft-focus background in a botanical garden setting.

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