Dracaenas are the perfect addition to every stylish home. They’re easy to care for, attractive, and help to clean and purify the air.

Dracaenas come in all different shapes and sizes. You will recognize Dracaenas for their long, narrow leaves that grow out from a central stalk or cane. Dracaenas originated from the islands in the Indian Ocean, including Madagascar. Their name comes from the Greek word meaning “female dragon.” Dracaenas are perfect indoor plants because they help create visual interest, texture, and height. Any blank wall, tall shelf, or counter will be an ideal home to your new Dracaena. These striking houseplants are low-maintenance and long-lasting.

Light: Dracaenas thrive in bright, somewhat diffused light. You can place your Dracaena plant in front of a sheer curtain or aim to put it out of direct sunlight. In general, if the leaves of your Dracaena begin to become pale and there is little to no new growth, it may indicate that your plant needs a bit more light!

Watering: When watering, aim for moist soil while avoiding overly soggy soil. Wait to water your Dracaenas until the top 75% of the soil is dry. If you notice dry, brown tips appearing, it’s likely the result of your tap water. Tap water often includes chemicals like chlorine and fluoride. We recommend using filtered water, rainwater, or you can leave water out overnight before using it to water your Dracaena.

Food: Use a high-quality liquid fertilizer for indoor plants. Dracaenas should be fertilized about once per month in the spring and summer. They do not need to be fertilized in the fall or winter when they grow at a slower rate.


Avoid overly soggy soil


68-80 °F


In Spring & Summer


Islands in the Indian Ocean

Dracaenas are the perfect addition to every stylish home.

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