Cuddly Cactus

The Cuddly Cactus is a surprisingly soft-to-the-touch cactus that brings the desert aesthetic indoors! This low-maintenance cactus is the perfect addition to any plant collection. Welcome a touch of whimsy into your space with this unique spine-free plant.


Unlike its prickly counterparts, the Cuddly Cactus is a spine-free plant variety perfect for those who prefer a more approachable addition to their cacti collection. A busy schedule is no match for the Cuddly Cactus’ ability to thrive! This low maintenance plant is as easy to care for as it is soft, thriving on infrequent watering and high amounts of sunlight – making it a perfect gift for a novice plant parent. Its compact size makes it ideal for apartment dwelling or adding a touch of whimsy to shelf or tabletop decor. Face your Cuddly Cactus toward the sun, sit back, and watch it thrive as you bring the feel of the desert into your home without the worry of any spiked spines cramping your style!

Watering: Water thoroughly every 2-3 weeks, being sure to allow the soil to dry out between waterings. Depending on your climate, the Cuddly Cactus will require less water during winter when the plant is dormant.

Food: Like most cacti, the Cuddly Cactus can survive in low-nutrient environments. For best health, fertilize your Cuddly Cactus during the growing season (spring through early fall) and avoid fertilizing in the winter.

Temperature: Cuddly Cactus plants thrive in bright, indirect light. While it can tolerate full sun, it is best to introduce the plant to sunlight gradually to avoid sunburn!

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Every 2-3 weeks

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In Spring & Fall

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Central & eastern Brazil


The Cuddly Cactus brings desert vibes into your living space without the risk of being poked by harsh spines!

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