Zion ZZ


Lush green potted plant with vibrant leaves in a white textured pot isolated on a clean white background, perfect for a modern home interior decor theme.
Close-up of lustrous green leaves of a houseplant, showcasing its healthy foliage with a soft-focus background, ideal for botanical and gardening content.
A healthy Zamioculcas zamiifolia, also known as ZZ plant, with shiny green leaves in a white embossed ceramic pot, placed on a wooden table against a curtained background.
Lush green houseplant with vibrant leaves in a white textured pot, isolated on a white background, with a scale indicating the pot is 5 inches tall.

This plant is a stunning houseplant, but it can be harmful if the plant material is chewed on or swallowed. They should be kept away from children and pets.

Add a touch of nature to your space with the low-maintenance ZZ Plant. Its glossy green leaves thrive in diverse conditions, purifying the air and enhancing any desk. Comes in a 5" pot, requiring light watering and medium light. With a height of 14"-18", it brings a striking presence to your surroundings.

Includes a 5” pot.

1. Watering properly.
It prefers moderately moist soil with infrequent waterings.
2. Light.
This plant prefers bright, indirect light.


White Evi
Brown Wood
Cream Jute
Grey Nate

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