Vibrant zebra plant with distinctive striped foliage in a white textured pot isolated on a clean white background, suitable for modern interior decor.
Close-up of a Bromeliad plant with striking green and dark purple mottled leaves, showcased against a soft-focus background for a natural and vibrant look.
A potted snake plant with dark green leaves sits on a marble countertop in front of a hexagonal tile backsplash, with a modern bathroom sink and mirror visible.

Splenriet Plant



White Evi
Brown Wood
Cream Jute
Grey Nate

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Elevate your space with the splenriet house plant. Its mesmerizing leaf patterns bring a touch of tropical allure. No green thumb required - this low-maintenance plant extracts nutrients from the air. Enjoy vibrant foliage hassle-free and create a lush oasis at home.

Includes a 5” pot.

This plant is non-toxic to pets, making it a safe and smart choice for pet owners.

1. Watering properly.
Bromeliads grow to be 15-17” tall. Add water into the leaf cup (the center area of overlapping leaves) each week.
2. Light.
Bromeliads enjoy warmer temps, but avoid drafts. They also like bright, but indirect sunlight.