Sakura Candle


Includes . Stems
A BloomsyBox scented candle with a wooden lid, displayed next to its floral-patterned box on a white background, reflecting a serene, minimalist aesthetic.
Frosted glass candle with BloomsyBox logo next to its copper-colored metal lid on a white background, reflecting a simple and elegant design.
Elegant BloomsyBox candle with a warm white hue and copper lid, measured at 6.5 inches tall against a minimalistic white background.

Dripping with the scent of blooming cherry blossom trees, this candle will fill a room with a feeling of relaxation and creativity. Known for creating a sense of serenity, this luxurious scented candle can be used for meditation, yoga, or everyday life. Enjoy sharing its beauty with someone who will appreciate its unique appeal.

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