Amalfi Orchid Duo


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Fly away to the Amalfi Coast with our Amalfi Orchid Duo! The elegant ceramic planter echoes the whitecaps of the waves of the Mediterranean Sea while the bright purple orchids dazzle like the colorful rooftops on the hills. This orchid duo's unique silhouette and beautiful color are ideal for a home cultivator or a thoughtful gift.
Caring for your new orchids is easy! Simply add three ice cubes once a week to the potting media. Your orchid's roots will quickly tell you if it's getting enough water: Green roots signal that it is getting enough water; brown and mushy roots mean it is getting too much water; greyish whit roots mean the orchid needs more water. If you notice your orchid's roots are white or grayish, misting may help increase the humidity and help your orchid be healthier, although misting does not replace watering.
Makes a beautiful gift for any occasion, or as a way to instantly brighten your home or office!

*Measures 6”-10” tall and includes a 5” pot.