Ponytail Palm


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In the traditional sense, Ponytail Palms are neither a tree nor a palm. Instead, they act as a beautiful accent bonsai that are low-maintenance yet captivating to view. This succulent does well in locations with low light and needs only minimum watering and feeding to stay in excellent shape.

This little “tree” can live for decades and is a popular option as a houseplant. It has a spherical trunk, a cascade of leaves that give it the “ponytail” moniker, and adds a touch of bright green to any space. It’s best for creating cascading delicate lines indoors or as part of landscaping.

The best way to display a Ponytail Palm and ensure its growth is by using an 11-inch humidity tray. When introduced to bright sunlight, this plant will quickly grow and may even produce stunning flower stalks that stand out from the vibrant leaves.