Pink Anthurium


Vibrant pink anthurium plant with heart-shaped blooms and lush green leaves in a sleek white textured pot on a clean white background.
Vibrant pink anthurium flowers with glossy green leaves and prominent spadix, showcasing a close-up view, with a soft-focus background enhancing the delicate texture of the petals.
Pink anthurium plant in a white pot on a bathroom counter with hexagonal tiles, next to folded gray towels with a focus on enhancing home decor.
Lush green anthurium plant with bright pink blooms in a decorative white textured pot against a clean white background, with a label indicating the pot's height as 5 inches.

Delight in pink anthuriums, the world's longest blooming houseplant. Its pink blooms bring glamor and a touch of the Beverly Hills hotel to your space. Thriving in bright, indirect light, keep it away from direct sunlight and AC units. Enjoy its allure and add elegance to your home.
Measures 14”-18” tall, includes a pot.

These bright beauties are popular for being easy to care for and having the longest-lasting blooms of any plant. They come in several colors, including red, orange, pink and white, with each flower spike lastly up to 8 weeks.
1. Light.
Anthuriums enjoy bright, indirect sunlight and warmer temps.
2. Watering.
They need 6 ice cubes or ½ cup of water each week.


White Evi
Brown Wood
Cream Jute
Grey Nate

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