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Perfectly Pink Anthurium

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Indulge in the allure of pink Anthuriums, the longest blooming houseplant. With captivating millennial pink blooms, it adds glamour to any space. Thrive effortlessly with this low-maintenance plant, preferring bright, indirect light. Your Anthurium arrives in a 5" matte pink pot, measuring 14"-18" tall. Enjoy its lasting charm.

These bright beauties are popular for being easy to care for and having the longest-lasting blooms of any plant. They come in several colors, including red, orange, pink and white, with each flower spike lastly up to 8 weeks.
1. Light.
Anthuriums enjoy bright, indirect sunlight and warmer temps.
2. Watering.
They need 6 ice cubes or ½ cup of water each week.