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Green Mound Juniper


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Featuring strong foliage and robust branches and trunk, the Green Mound Juniper is one of the most popular bonsai on earth. It’s highly forgiving even in imperfect locations, making it a perfect juniper for beginners to indoor trees. Thanks to its unique leaf texture and ease of care, it works well as an outdoor bonsai.

The Green Mound does well above 15 degrees without protection, so most people will find their location fitting. It has gorgeous green foliage with a hint of blue that is stiff and rigid. It can also be used as ground cover to fill areas with an unmatched aesthetic.

The best way to house the bonsai is in an 8-inch humidity tray. Unlike many other bonsai, this one appeals to those with a yard who want to spruce it up with some extra green. They are hardy enough to handle the outdoor conditions even in the winter.