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Discover the beauty of Gardenias: stunning white blooms, velvety foliage, and a captivating fragrance that enchants. These hardy plants tolerate light frosts and thrive in temperatures above 20 degrees. Nurture them in 11-inch trays, providing shade after frost for optimal growth. Gardenias: an enchanting addition to any garden.

Upon receiving your bonsai, it is best to acclimate it in a shady area for one week. All outdoor bonsai prefer morning sun and afternoon shade. Patios and decks are great areas to display your bonsai during the growing season. You should never leave your bonsai inside for more than five days.

Watering properly.
Outdoor bonsai should be watered daily in the spring, summer and fall. In the winter you will not need to water as frequently. However, never let your bonsai’s soil dry out. Misting foliage periodically is recommended, but should not be considered watering.

Repot with good bonsai soil every 4-5 years during late spring/early summer. Bonsai requires periodic trimming to maintain a miniature shape.

Fertilize with water-soluble or time-released fertilizers, slow-releasing organic for mature bonsai. Inspect regularly for insects and diseases, and treat with products from the garden center.

Winter Care.
Outdoor bonsai should remain outdoors in the winter. Protect your bonsai by covering the pot and soil with pine needles or mulch when temperatures approach freezing. In areas that have extremely cold winters, bonsai can be protected in garages, sheds, cold frames or basements.

Disclaimer: This plant typically blooms in springtime. They may get some blooms throughout the summer, but we cannot guarantee the exact time the tree will bloom. This plant may not bloom again until next spring.