Portland Fiddle Leaf Fig



White Evi
Brown Wood
Cream Jute

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The popular fiddle leaf fig boasts large gorgeous and glossy green leaves. This plant may have a reputation for being finicky, but your plant will thrive with a little extra attention and TLC. Fiddle Leaf Figs like bright, indirect light and should be kept in a room that has plenty of sunshine. Water your plant on a precise schedule based on the amount of humidity and temperature in your home. Water when the top inch of soil is dry. Typically you should expect to water your fiddle leaf fig about once a week, making adjustments seasonally in case of temperature or humidity changes. Fiddle Leaf Fig is toxic to people and animals, so take care to keep away from children and pets. Shipped in a white 5 inch ceramic pot, this beautiful houseplant makes the perfect gift for any occasion!

*Measures 14”-18” tall includes a 5” pot.