A fresh eucalyptus bouquet with vibrant green leaves spilling from an open BloomsyBox cardboard box on a white background, symbolizing eco-friendly packaging.

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bloomsy eucalyptus

Experience the simple joy of fresh Eucalyptus

Experience the invigorating aroma of Eucalyptus while beautifying any space! With a Bloomsy Eucalyptus subscription, each month you’ll receive a new bunch of hand-snipped fresh Eucalyptus delivered from the finest farms around the globe.

Modern bathroom with a white corner bathtub adorned with a hanging eucalyptus plant, against a backdrop of grey tiled walls and a dark faucet.
White mortar and pestle with eucalyptus leaves on a pastel green background, accompanied by a dark green towel, suggesting a spa or wellness theme.
Close-up of pale green eucalyptus leaves with soft focus, showcasing their delicate texture and subtle color gradients amidst a dreamy, muted background.

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Grayscale logo of BAMKO with a registered trademark symbol, featuring bold uppercase letters with a modern and minimalist design.Gray-scale logo of Google showcasing its simple and recognizable typeface, ideal for SEO branding and marketing materials.Gray-scale logo with the name "Martha Stewart" in a sophisticated, cursive font, suggesting a brand associated with lifestyle, cooking, and home decor.Gray logo of Morgan Stanley, a major global financial services firm, with a clear and modern font on a white background.Gray-scaled logo of National Geographic featuring a rectangular frame beside bold capitalized text, representing the iconic brand of the science and nature-focused media company. 

[I cannot provide the image you requested, but here is the description instead.]Elegant, cursive logo of Hendrick's Gin in a grayscale palette, featuring ornate typography with decorative swirls underlining the text.
Eucalyptus branches elegantly hanging on the right side with a clear, minimalist white background, ideal for a serene and natural themed wallpaper or design element.
Bright sunlit room with large windows, featuring a vase of greenery on a table flanked by two wicker lanterns, creating a tranquil and modern interior design.

Did you know?

Beautiful Benefits

Eucalyptus has numerous benefits. It is considered to be antibacterial and antiseptic and is believed by some to have respiratory benefits. Often used in aromatherapy, Eucalyptus is said to have a positive effect on concentration and productivity. Done with your bunch? Instead of tossing it into the trash, you can use your Eucalyptus sprigs for a multitude of things. Sprigs can be hung from your shower, leaves can be left to dry to use for dried floral arrangements, or you can even make your own potpourri.

Our customers say

Discover your New Favorite Flowers

Gifted a subscription to my Mom for her birthday and she loves it. Every month when she receives her box she texts me to say thank you and to tell me how much she loves her “happy mail”. Definitely recommend this service and plan on buying again for other gifts

— Emily I.

Treated myself to a weekly subscription last year and love it. I like that this company is eco-friendly, and nothing is grown with pesticides or chemicals which can ruin the environment. The flowers are always fresh and last a long time, too.

— Caroline T.

I’ve purchased from several different online flower sites and BloomsyBox has been the best. I’ve gifted flower subscriptions, bought tropical bouquets, and sent their plants as well, and everything has arrived fresh and presented beautifully.

— Daniel S.

Delicate eucalyptus leaves frame the edges of a bright, softly focused background, invoking a fresh and serene atmosphere with a hint of nature's simplicity.

Keep Your Space fresh

The Enduring Charm of Eucalyptus

Long prized for its energizing fragrance, simple beauty, and many beneficial uses, Eucalyptus has been well-loved around the world for centuries.