Emerald Enchantment Hydrangea


5 Stems

A person holds a lush bouquet of hydrangeas with a myriad of blue and purple hues, showcased against a clean, white background.
Large bouquet of blue and green hydrangeas in a white speckled vase on a wooden table, with a lit candle and woven decorations in the background.
Vibrant hydrangea flowers with a blend of blue, purple, and green hues spilling out from an open, brown cardboard box on a white background.
Two hydrangea blooms with shades of green and blue, accompanied by large green leaves, set against a clean white background.
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Unleash the power of our Hydrangea Hulk Big Petal Bouquet. This captivating arrangement commands attention with bold presence. Meticulously handcrafted, it embodies nature's marvel. Each stem exudes strength and vitality. Gift it to express energy and passion. Electrify any space with vibrant green.

1. The Perfect Cut.
Use a sharp knife or gardening clippers for a clean 45-degree cut. Immediately place the freshly cut stem into water. This ensures maximum water absorption.
2. The Hot Water Trick.
Immerse the bottom of the stems in boiling water for 30 seconds. This simple trick helps to prevent wilting and prolongs the bloom's freshness.
3. Condition and Preserve.
Mix a preservative substance with tap water. This boosts their longevity and keeps them vibrant for longer.
4. Trimming and Arranging.
Remove leaves below the waterline and trim the stems to your desired length. This prevents stagnation and keeps your Hydrangeas looking fresh.
5. Dunk your blooms.
If the bloom starts to wilt, fill your sink with cool water, and dunk the heads of the hydrangeas right under the water. Leave them for at least 15 minutes. Remove them from the water, gently pat them dry with paper towels. Place in a vase filled with fresh water.

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Heads up! It’s possible that your bouquet might include slightly different flowers or colors than the arrangement pictured. Each bouquet is a handmade piece of art that is made just for the recipient. We promise that it will be just as fresh, beautiful, and lovely to receive!