Blooming Brilliance with Tote and Clippers

Includes 35 Stems
A canvas tote bag from NYBG by BloomsyBox, adorned with a floral print design, hangs on a chair filled with a fresh bouquet of red, pink, and purple flowers.
Red-handled florist scissors with sharp steel blades leaning against a BloomsyBox cardboard packaging with floral illustrations on a white background.
Vibrant bouquet of flowers featuring red roses, pink carnations, and lilies in a clear glass vase on a wooden tray with a cozy white sofa in the background.
Red kitchen scissors with ergonomic handles and stainless steel blades, measuring 4.375 inches, isolated on a white background.

Looking for a perfect gift for your loved ones or just want to treat yourself? Look no further! Our limited-time bundle of a beautiful bouquet and high-quality floral clippers is the ultimate convenience. Not only will you have the perfect tools to keep your flowers fresh, but you'll also enjoy a special discount. Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity!

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