Includes 27 Stems
A vibrant bouquet of pink and purple dried flowers held by a person against a white background, showcasing various textures and shades within the floral arrangement.
Vibrant bouquet of fuchsia dried flowers with a variety of textures, prominently featuring pink grasses and spherical blooms, artistically arranged on a wooden surface.
Vibrant pink and red dried floral arrangement with a variety of textures, including delicate blooms and berries, set against a white background.
Vibrant arrangement of magenta dried flowers and pampas grass in a white vase against a clean white background with a ruler for scale on the right side.

For a strikingly modern take on all things glamorous, incorporate this perfectly preserved bouquet into your home. The deep and dramatic colors of pink, purple, and magenta are evocative of the Hollywood Regency period. Pampas grass, monkey tail, andes grass, billy buttons, limonium, achelia, and assorted foliage are artfully dried and arranged to create a layered and luxurious bouquet.

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