When you want to make a special moment even more memorable, BloomsyBox flower delivery in Michigan is the perfect way to do it. Our experienced florists select only the freshest and most beautiful flowers from local farms and have them delivered right to your door. From romantic rose bouquets to festive lilies, our handcrafted arrangements are sure to make any occasion extra special.

A vibrant bouquet of blue and purple flowers held by a person against a white wall, showcasing a beautiful array of fresh spring florals in full bloom.

Blue Botanica


A vibrant bouquet of pink roses, purple flowers, and green foliage held by a person against a white background, showcasing a variety of blooms and lush leaves.





$49.99 - $69.99

A delicate pink Phalaenopsis orchid with multiple blossoms on tall stems, presented in a simple white textured pot against a clean white background.



Vibrant green potted plant with lush leaves, standing in a white textured pot, isolated on a white background, symbolizing indoor gardening and home decor.

Zion ZZ


A person's hands holding a bouquet of blush roses and white flowers with eucalyptus and greenery accents against a white background.



A panoramic view of a city skyline featuring tall skyscrapers under blue skies beside a large river, highlighted by sunshine with a clear view of waterfront buildings.

Detroit Flower Delivery

Aerial view of a bustling downtown district with a mix of modern and historic buildings, busy streets, and lush greenery on the outskirts under a clear sky.

Lansing Flower Delivery