White Rose

Always elegant, white roses look beautiful in any arrangement.

Close-up of delicate white roses in soft focus with sunlight enhancing their intricate petals, conveying a serene and romantic atmosphere.

Equally gorgeous with their stems left long and arranged in a trumpet vase, or cut short and arranged in a shorter vessel, they’re always a classic choice!

Did you know that a rose’s color carries with it a distinct meaning? For the well-loved white rose, it represents purity and innocence. Since it also symbolizes loyalty and young love, it is no wonder that it is a popular choice for weddings. White flowers are also widely used in remembrance flower arrangements—this is most likely since white also symbolizes a new beginning.

Available in an assortment of shades ranging from 100% pure white to cream, white roses are part of the Rose alba family. Popular varieties of white roses include Escimo, Mondial, and Playa Blanca. Grown since ancient times in many parts of Europe, they are cold-hardy and able to grow in cool climates, unlike many other varieties of roses.

Monochrome silhouette of a bouquet of flowers displayed in an elegant vase, featuring a variety of blooms and leaves, perfect for a minimalist design theme.


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Monochrome illustration of an abstract flower with intricate petals beside a ruler, suggesting a concept related to measurement, growth, biology, or nature-themed graphic design.



Abstract monochrome globe icon with circular patterns and orbit lines on a dark background, depicting a stylized representation of the Earth with continents and orbits.



Simplified icon of a laptop displaying a dandelion image and text blocks on its screen, representing online content or educational material.



Elegant white roses arranged in a patterned vase on a round side table, with a cozy blue armchair, a small succulent, and skincare products, creating a serene home decor vignette.

Popular varieties of white roses include Escimo, Mondial, and Playa Blanca.

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Colorful assortment of flowers including pink roses, yellow daffodils, and white blooms arranged in a circle on a white background with space for text in the center.

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