This classic bloom is universally beloved for having a high petal count and are fragrance-free, making them the perfect bloom for someone who is allergy-prone!

Close-up view of a delicate pink ranunculus flower in bloom showcasing intricately layered petals and the detailed structure of its inner stamen and pistils.

Stemming from Southwest Asia originally, this bloom is now grown in many different climates to meet production needs and has become a springtime favorite globally.

Known for their elegant look, ranunculus have become the focal point for many weddings and elevated events, but we love them in a classic home centerpiece as well!

This bloom has the unique ability to take on many forms– it can skew gardenesque in it's aesthetic if paired with other romantic and whimsical blooms, or it can be given an editorial feel by keeping the blooms cohesive (as we've done with this bouquet).

Silhouette of a bouquet with various flowers and leaves in a classic vase, depicted in a monochrome style, suitable for minimalist decor or as a subtle background element.


10-12 days

Monochrome illustration of an abstract flower with intricate petals beside a ruler, suggesting a concept related to measurement, growth, biology, or nature-themed graphic design.


19 in

Monochrome illustration of a scientific atom symbol, representing an atomic structure with electrons orbiting around a nucleus, suitable for educational content.


Southwest Asia

Monochrome icon of a laptop displaying a flower image and text content on its screen, depicting online floral encyclopedia or blog concept.



Elegant bouquet of fresh white and pink ranunculus flowers in a clear glass vase on a blurred background, creating a delicate and romantic floral arrangement.

The ranunculus also has longevity! Lasting in vases for 10-12 days, we deem this bloom a worthy investment as it'll adorn your home for nearly two weeks on average.

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Colorful assortment of flowers including pink roses, yellow daffodils, and white blooms arranged in a circle on a white background with space for text in the center.

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