Known for their healing properties, Hypericum berries are a unique addition to any bouquet.

Vibrant red hypericum berries on a bush with lush green leaves against a soft green background, highlighting the plant's decorative appearance for gardening.

Hypericum androsaemum, also known as Tutsan and Shrubby St. John's, originates from the French word “toute-sain” which means “heal-all”. Around the world, the plant is used medicinally for treating a multitude of health issues.

In Portuguese ethno-medicine, the plant is used as diuretic and antidepressant. In Spain, the creation of an infusion of certain parts of the plant are used in treatments for anxiety and depression. In England, parts of the plant are made into an ointment used for dressing cuts and wounds.

Hypericum berries turn from white or green, to red, to black. It should be stated that parts of the plant can be toxic to ingest.

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Since this plant is known for its healing properties, including for issues like depression, hypericum berries symbolize peace, calm, rejuvenation, warmth & healing.

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