Eryngium is a species of fiercely beautiful, unique flowers with medicinal properties that are found throughout Europe and the Mediterranean.

Close-up of vibrant blue thistle flowers with sharp green leaves on a soft grey background, capturing the intricate details of the spiky petals and stems.

The most popular variety, Alpine Sea Holly, features cone-like bracts in bright blue hues.

With over 250 species of Eryngium, there is a special variety for every arrangement. These spiny-like flowers are easy to spot thanks to their notched leaves, silver-blue stems, and cone-like flowers. These cones, or bracts, appear in white, green, blue, and violet colors.

They bloom mostly in the summer and fall. One of the most common Eryngium is the Alpine Sea Holly, which can be found in the high mountains of Switzerland. Alpine Sea Holly is the most blue of all the Eryngium varieties.

Varieties of Eryngium have been used to treat mild illnesses like coughs. These flowers can be used in teas or as a herbal flavoring--some report that they have a flavor similar to chestnuts! Eryngium roots can also be consumed, similar to other root vegetables.

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Close-up of vibrant blue thistle with sharp, spiky leaves against a soft white background, highlighting the plant's intricate details and textures.

The uniquely beautiful Eryngium flowers are often used to symbolize independence, attraction and admiration.

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