As a feature in fairytales and Greek mythology, the Campanula flower is as sweetly fragrant as beautiful.

Close-up of delicate white bell-shaped flowers with yellow stamens, likely Campanula, against a blurred background of purple flowers and green foliage.

These white, purple, and blue blooms are common in English gardens and mountain valleys.

Campanula flowers grow along the stem and appear as small bell-shaped flowers. Their name comes from the Latin word meaning “little bell.” Campanulas bloom in shades of white, purple, and blue. They’re sometimes called Bell Flowers, Chimney Bells, or Canterbury Bells.

Campanula is commonly found in English gardens and grown by beekeepers, who make highly floral flavored honey. Campanula flowers grow in temperate regions of the Mediterranean but can also grow in Africa, Northern, and Western Asia.

Brothers Grimm named the fairy tale character Rapunzel after a specific type of Campanula flower called Campanula rapunculus. As the story goes, she was named Rapunzel because her mother craved the plant during her pregnancy. In Greek mythology, the Campanula is associated with Venus--the goddess of love and beauty.

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Close-up of vibrant purple and white bell-shaped flowers with green leaves on a light background, perfect for spring garden themes or floral designs.

Today, Campanula is typically used to convey gratitude, humility, and love.

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