Asiatic Lily

With so many different varieties, Asiatic Lilies are something special of their own.

Close-up of a vibrant white lily with prominent stamens against a lush, blurred green foliage backdrop, highlighting the delicate texture and purity of the blossom.

There are over a hundred varieties of lily, each with its own unique characteristics. The Asiatic Lily has long, slender and glossy leaves complemented by three to six flowers per stem. Each flower blossom can open nearly five inches.

The flowers themselves often come in shades of orange, red, yellow, and white. Each type of Asiatic Lily has a distinct color and pattern. You’ll often see contrasting spots or stripes on the petals of Asiatic Lilies. These serve an essential function--they attract insects towards nectar sources and encourage cross-pollination.

This particular kind of lily does not have a scent which makes it ideal for centerpieces or tablescapes. Asiatic Lilies add personality and color to bouquets and are also splendid on their own!

Silhouette of a bouquet with various flowers and leaves in a classic vase, depicted in a monochrome style, suitable for minimalist decor or as a subtle background element.


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Simplified graphic of a flower with an abstract design next to a vertical measurement ruler, depicted in a monochromatic, minimalist style on a plain background.


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Simplified monochrome illustration of a globe with scientific and technological symbols, representing global innovation and connectivity in a digital world.


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Icon of an open book with a flower on the left page and assorted text and bullet points on the right page, representing literature or a botanical textbook.



These distinctive, attractive, and vibrant flowers add a splash of color and texture to any arrangement or bouquet!

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