What is a Flower Subscription Box?

Friday, April 23, 2021

Flower subscription is a term that refers to a subscription box offering fresh flowers, which is delivered to the recipient on a monthly or weekly basis. A flower subscription is a way for customers to discover new types of flowers on a regular basis. Since new bouquets and flower types are sent to the customer with every shipment, it adds a surprise element to the subscription. A flower subscription is a popular gift because it combines the fun surprise element of a subscription box with fresh flowers.

A vibrant sunflower in full bloom stands prominent against a blurred background of sunflower field, its yellow petals radiating with a bright contrast.

What are subscription boxes? A subscription box is a box delivered on a recurring basis filled with curated product assortments. Most subscription boxes keep each subscription box’s contents a surprise. Subscription boxes have become popular with consumers due to this element of surprise and fun. Types of subscription boxes include books, food, beauty products, wine, clothes and more.

What are farm-to-table flowers? Farm-to-table flowers are flowers that arrive from flower farms within days instead of being transferred to several different stops along the way of reaching the customer. Since the flowers are shipped fresher and there is no middleman involved--hence less steps in the delivery chain--they arrive to the consumer or gift recipient in far better condition, are of higher quality, and have a better vase life. These flowers can also be labeled “field to vase” flowers.

What does it mean for a farm to be Rainforest Alliance certified? Rainforest Alliance Certified flower farms comply with the strict requirements put in place to adhere to the Rainforest Alliance Sustainable Agriculture Standard. This standard protects ecosystems and wildlife habitats, conserves water and soil, works to help promote decent and safe working conditions, and ensures that farms are good neighbors to the local rural communities and wildlands located near the farm.

How often do flower subscription boxes arrive to a customer? Depending on the subscription box program, subscription boxes can be tailored to how often the customer wants them to be delivered. The most common frequency intervals of subscription box deliveries are weekly, bi-weekly and monthly. Some subscription boxes, especially those that focus on seasonality, are delivered to the customer on a quarterly basis.

What is included in a flower subscription box? In a BloomsyBox subscription box, the custom receives an artisan-designed box, farm-fresh flowers, flower food, and a tailored postcard outlining care and handling of the flowers. If the box is a gift, there will also be a gift note in the flower subscription as well.

What are sustainable farms? Sustainable farming goes by standards put in place by Congress with the overall goal of improving the environment and improving the conditions of the farm workers. As defined by Congress, sustainable agriculture is: "an integrated system of plant and animal production practices having a site-specific application that will, over the long term:

  1. Satisfy human food and fiber needs;
  2. Enhance environmental quality and the natural resource base upon which the agricultural economy depends;
  3. Make the most efficient use of nonrenewable resources and on-farm resources and integrate, where appropriate, natural biological cycles and controls;
  4. Sustain the economic viability of farm operations; and
  5. Enhance the quality of life for farmers and society as a whole

What are sustainable flower farms? Sustainable flower farms adhere to the same standards as sustainable agriculture. By engaging in environmentally friendly watering, soil and pesticide practices, sustainable flower farms are working towards the same overall goal as sustainable agriculture does.

What is a vertically integrated floral supply chain model? Vertically aligned refers to a supply chain in which there are less “steps” flowers must make to arrive at their end destination. By working directly with farmers to source the flowers, the flowers do not spend time at other stops along their journey--in a traditional floral supply chain, flowers make several stops at multiple warehouses and facilities. The longer their journey, the more wilted and damaged the flowers become

What is a hand-tied bouquet? A hand-tied bouquet refers to how a flower bouquet is arranged. In a hand-tied bouquet, the bouquet is held in the hand, starting with placing one stem held at a 45 degree angle directly on top of the other. Each flower—and foliage stem—is then placed directly on top of each other, again, at a 45 degree angle. This process continues, adding flowers and foliage in at an angle, building the bouquet in a clockwise manner. When the bouquet has been completed, meaning all the flowers are arranged in the bouquet, the bouquet is then tied off, and the stems trimmed. Although most flower retailers simply place the bouquets in the box, BloomsyBox only offers their bouquets arranged in a hand-tied manner.

Who is a floral subscription box right for? Subscription boxes have grown exponentially in popularity over the last few years. In addition to purchasing for their own enjoyment, subscription boxes are extremely popular for gifting. Since the gift is recurring and delivered to the recipient on a regular basis, consumers like that it reminds the recipient continually of how much they care. Also, since each month they receive a new surprise, bouquet floral subscription boxes make a fun and unique gift.

Top ten reasons people choose a flower subscription box service:

  1. Gifting A recurring gift delivery of a flower subscription box is a thoughtful reminder to the recipient.

  2. Discovery Since the recipient receives a new type of flower bouquet with every delivery, they get to discover new flower types.

  3. Convenience By having fresh flowers delivered on a regular basis, subscribers can check buying flowers at the store off of their list.

  4. Corporate and office flower gifts A flower subscription is a popular gift for corporate gifting.

  5. Instantly Adds ambiance to a space Flowers are the quickest and easiest way to perk up a space.

  6. Self-care Self-care is important for one’s overall happiness.

  7. Set it and forget it By having flower deliveries on auto-pilot, recipients experience the pleasure of receiving fresh flowers without having to remember to order them.

  8. An easy pick-me-up No matter what the occasion, a fresh flower delivery is a no-fail way to brighten any mood.

  9. New homeowners Celebrating home ownership with a beautiful flower subscription is a thoughtful way to say congratulations.

  10. The flower-lover Since a BloomsyBox flower subscription box is shipped straight from the flower farm, the flowers are fresher and last longer.

A subscription box is a box delivered on a recurring basis filled with curated product assortments. Most subscription boxes keep each subscription box’s contents a surprise. Subscription boxes have become popular with consumers due to this element of surprise and fun. Types of subscription boxes include books, food, beauty products, wine, clothes and more.