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Valentine’s Day Ideas

Thursday, January 28, 2021

Valentine’s Day is one of the most well-loved holidays of the year! It is a time to celebrate the many loves in your life. Valentine’s Day has a long history; it actually began as a feast day in the Catholic Church. The feast day was always celebrated on February 14th, a tradition that has not changed to today.

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Originally, there were many different Saint Valentines. However, by the 14th century, Valentine’s Day officially began to be associated with the legend of one Saint Valentine. This Saint Valentine was martyred by the Romans possibly because he would marry Roman soldiers in secret. Roman soldiers were not allowed to marry until their time in the military was done. When this Saint Valentine was martyred he reportedly wrote a letter and signed it “your Valentine.” Hence the tradition of giving Valentine’s Day cards was born.

Clearly, Valentine’s Day has a long history. You’ve likely always had traditions surrounding this important day. Obviously, the Covid-19 pandemic has put a stop to a lot of our Valentine’s Day plans this year—just like it has all of our other holidays. There will be no concerts, dinners out, or parties. But, that doesn’t mean you have to have a lame Valentine’s Day. Instead, try the virtual Valentine’s Day options presented in the rest of this article.

Virtual Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Just because you will be celebrating Valentine’s Day virtually doesn’t mean that you can’t have gifts. In fact, gifts are some of the easiest ways to celebrate this holiday virtually. All you have to do is ensure your Valentine’s Day gifts are in the mail in time for the holiday, and you will be set.

Need some gift ideas for this Valentine’s Day? Here are four tried and true gift ideas.

1) Card

Cards are probably the most well-known Valentine’s Day gift. As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, the tradition of giving cards began with Saint Valentine’s. Giving cards is so synonymous with Valentine’s Day that many people believe it is just a greeting card holiday.

So, how do you send a card this Valentine’s Day if you are socially distancing? The answer is easy. Just send a virtual card. There are a lot of free and pay-to-send eCard websites. With all these options, it is easy to find a card that is perfect for your loved one. You can also make your own eCard, which provides a personal touch.

2) Flowers

Another great Valentine’s Day gift is flowers. You can send live plants or a beautiful bouquet. At BloomsyBox, we offer a wide variety of bouquets. You can also choose from our wholesale flowers, and create your own uniquely special bouquet.

You want to purchase your Valentine’s Day flowers from us. Our farm-to-home business model ensures the freshest floors come to your door. All of our subsidiary farms are Rainforest certified as well. You will be getting an environmentally-friendly and beautiful bouquet when you order from our shop. There are no better flower gifts for Valentine’s Day.

3) Flower Subscriptions

Speaking of flowers, why not give a flower subscription this Valentine’s Day? We offer a variety of flower subscriptions. These range from monthly to weekly or bi-weekly plans. There is even a rose subscription to make it Valentine’s Day every month. Our subscription plans are the gift that keeps on giving.

All of our subscriptions provide a specially curated bouquet. Each delivery comes in a unique box, with styling and care instructions. In essence, we provide your loved ones with everything they need to keep their flowers looking nice for longer. Say “I love you” with a flower subscription!

4) Candy and Chocolate

If you want another classic to be a part of your Valentine’s Day gift, try either candy or chocolate. You will be hard-pressed to find a person anywhere who doesn’t like either of these gifts. Some candy or chocolate with a bouquet of red roses makes an ideal Valentine’s Day gift. Candy and chocolate also ship very well.

There are so many types of candy and chocolate, that you can easily find one that suits your loved one. Chocolate candy bars, gummies, gum, or taffy, there is a multitude of choices. What’s your loved ones’ favorite? Get them that for a lovely Valentine’s Day splurge.

Virtual Valentine’s Day Activity Ideas

Once you have the gifts sorted, it is time to plan a few Valentine’s Day virtuals activities. Whether you are planning a Valentine’s Day celebration for your spouse or your children, these activities will be appropriate. You can make them as romantic as the situation calls for.

1) Date Night

Date nights have been hard hit by COVID-19. It is hard to have a date night away from the kids when you can’t leave your house. But, that doesn’t mean a date night isn’t possible. Plan some activities for the kids in another room and enjoy a bit of alone time with your spouse.

If you don’t have kids, you can still enjoy a Valentine’s Day date night. You could even try a Galentine’s Day date night. Try a virtual tour of a museum or exotic destination. Cook a fancy dinner together. Order in splurgy foods—if food delivery is available in your location. Or do some of the activities described in the rest of this list. The possibilities are endless for your virtual date night.

2) Party

You could consider a Valentine’s Day virtual party that involves the whole family. Get some roses or NYBG flower bouquets, decorations, and set up a Zoom call. You will be well on your way to a virtual party.

The activities you plan will depend on the guests you invite to your virtual Valentine’s Day party. If you are all adults, you could consider an advanced virtual board game or video game. There are many games online now that a whole group of party-goers can play together. Virtual bingo or trivia could be extremely fun to try.

3) Scavenger Hunt

If your family likes going on adventures together, you should try a Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt. Make sure to plan a list with age-appropriate items. If the weather is nice, this could involve finding a variety of outdoor items. For little ones a list that includes rocks, sticks, flowers, and other easily-found objects.

You could also plan a romantic scavenger hunt. Place items with sentimental value, roses, or other romantic objects around your home. Then give each other a list of the items to find. This can be a fun way to relive the important moments in your relationship. Scavenger hunts can be done virtually as well.

4) Gift Exchange

The cool thing about Valentine’s Day is that you don’t need to make a big deal about it. A simple gift exchange could be the best way to celebrate the holiday this year. Make sure to send your gifts so that they arrive on Valentine’s Day. Try one of the Valentine’s Day gifts we describe above.

Valentine’s Day is a great holiday with a long history. Just because we are in a pandemic does not mean that you have to stop celebrating. Whether you are with your loved one or enjoying Valentine’s Day virtually, there are a number of things you can do to make the holiday a special one. Try one or all of the suggestions in this article. Whether you send a Valentine’s Day gift, rose bouquet, or plan a special virtual party, we have the activity for you.

Remember if you are looking for the best Valentine’s Day flowers, visit our website. For this virtual holiday, why not send flowers virtually. A bouquet or subscription plan arriving unexpectedly at your loved one’s home will be a perfect gift on Valentine’s Day.

All of our subscriptions provide a specially curated bouquet. Each delivery comes in a unique box, with styling and care instructions. In essence, we provide your loved ones with everything they need to keep their flowers looking nice for longer. Say “I love you” with a flower subscription!