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Valentine's types of love

Tuesday, January 17, 2023

At BloomsyBox, we know each relationship is different.

Happy couple embracing outside a white building, with the woman holding a large bouquet of orange roses, both smiling joyfully, capturing an intimate moment.

No matter the relationship type, we've curated the perfect blooms to let the person you care about know just how you feel– from budding loves, to relationships in full bloom!

For new relationships, we recommend sending something sweet and fresh! This bouquet of Beautiful flowers will let your person know you have budding feelings for them and make them feel cared about this Valentine's Day.


For a rekindled, intense love, we suggest something romantic and fiery just like your relationship. Our NYBG Subscription bouquet conveys the passion you're feeling for your lover.


This relationship has stood the test of time. Your love is a forever love, and it deserves a classic bloom that is timeless just like your love for each other. The Deluxe Subscription is perfect for you!


Your lover might be many miles away, but they're the only thing you're able to think about! Long distance might take hard work, but there's nothing you two wouldn't do to make it work. The Premium Subscription is a romantic, gardenesque bouquet that will perfectly capture the love you have for each other.

Three girls lying on a couch with their heads together, holding large bouquets of pink and red roses, wearing casual clothing and denim, in a cozy living room setting.