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The Flower Chef

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Hi, all! I’m Sam – mom of two, wife to my high school sweetheart, and seasoned marketing professional. If you’ve ever commented or shared on the BloomsyBox Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter feeds, chances are we’ve “talked” (or at least exchanged emojis and likes) already. It’s nice to officially “meet” you!

Smiling woman with wavy hair wearing a blue floral top, posing confidently in one and looking down bashfully in the other against a grey background.

For the past year, I’ve been playing photographer and sharing posts on BloomsyBox’s social media accounts featuring the most fragrant and beautiful flowers I’ve ever seen. Which… let’s face it, is basically a dream job.

About a month ago, Juan (BloomsyBox’s CEO and fearless leader) approached me with a brilliant idea: to show how accessible DIY floral arranging can be by working my way through the book “The Flower Chef,” creating bouquets and centerpieces using flowers from both BloomsyBox bouquets and in bulk from

Do you remember the book / movie “Julie and Julia”? Consider me the Julie in this scenario. Except instead of concocting pastries and savory dishes a la Julia Childs, I’ll be creating floral “recipes” from the brilliant Carly Cylinder.

There is one minor difference between me and Julie: I am no cook (or, in this case, florist). In fact, I’m a self-declared black thumb who is lucky to be able to keep a succulent alive. (Yet another reason I love BloomsyBox flowers so much. Even I can keep them blooming for weeks!)

All this to say… If I can master these “recipes,” anyone can! Whether you’re a bride-to-be in search of a DIY, a hostess looking for a way to provide your guests with a wow factor, or a budding event planner, follow along to learn the art of floral arranging with me!

Stay tuned for our first “Recipe” post, coming soon to this space. I’m excited to share the tips, tricks, and – let’s be honest – future flops I encounter along the way.

As Julia Childs herself would say… bon appetit!

Open magazine featuring a vibrant floral arrangement tutorial, with step-by-step instructions, on a white table alongside a bouquet of green leaves.