Bringing Autumn Into Your Home

Thursday, October 31, 2019

Happy Fall, y’all! Fall is many people’s favorite season, and for great reason! Along with the crisper weather, changing leaves, thin sweaters and the scents and tastes of the season, decorating your home for the season is one of the best parts about Autumn!

There are many ways to bring the Autumn season into your home and yard--some are more simple than others. Read on for some tidbits about how you can easily integrate Fall decor.

Vibrant yellow and reddish-pink chrysanthemums with soft petals and green centers against a dark backdrop, highlighting the contrast and details of the blooms.

Fall Flowers

One of the easiest and most beautiful ways to bring Autumn into your home is by using fresh flowers throughout the home. You don’t have to be an expert floral designer to create great looking floral designs. A few ways to make your flowers “Autumn-ey” include the following:

Vessels Consider using more rustic looking vessels such as clay pitchers, upcycled food jars, thrift store vases, or Mason jars

Flowers Using flowers that are a perfect fit for the season is an easy way to make your floral arrangements more Fall-esque. Classic Fall flowers include Sunflowers, Chrysanthemums, Goldenrod, Alstroemeria, Gerbera, and roses

Colors Using flowers in Fall shades is an easy win. Using flowers in shades of orange, yellow, brown, bronze, red is a surefire way to lend a Fall vibe.

Using items other than flowers Utilizing items such as branches and twigs, grasses, and other non-flowering plants can add a unique, rustic, earthy vibe to your Fall flower arrangements

Feeling more creative? Check out Pinterest or surf the web for some great flower arranging ideas and floral crafts for Autumn.

Dining Room Table

Entertaining in Autumn is so much fun! From backyard BBQs to intimate dinner parties, and of course Thanksgiving Dinner, there are so many great gatherings to host and attend! For ways to add flowers to your surroundings for all of these types of gatherings, check out the following tips:

  • Evenly disperse arrangements on the table Add small arrangements such as a single stem or two in a bud vase or small groups throughout larger tables for larger gatherings
  • Don’t make centerpieces too tall When dinner table flower arrangements are taller than that of an elbow’s length, it can make conversing with other dinner guests awkward
  • Go bold For the actual centerpiece, don’t be afraid to go all out! The table centerpiece is a great way to add unique style and drama to your home and dining table. Play with different colors, combinations, heights and textures.
  • Table settings Adding a seasonally themed tablecloth, runner, fabric napkins and napkin rings is a fun way to add Autumn details to the table


Gorgeous garlands for the win! We love garlands--and they’re such an easy way to add some seasonal spirit to your home or yard.

  • Paper garlands-you can purchase fun, inexpensive Fall garlands at places like Target
  • DIY garlands-There are so many fun Fall garland craft tutorials on the Web! These crafts are also a fun way to get the whole family into the spirit.
  • Silk flower and leaf garlands-Making garlands with artificial leaves and flowers is a fun 5 minute Fall craft
  • Template garlands-Finding pretty paper templates online, printing them out and making them into garlands is so easy...and almost free!

Front Door

Decorating your front door area is such a fun way to add seasonal flair to your entryway. Using items like wreaths, doormats, and pumpkins around your front door is so quick and easy. Whether you opt for wreaths that are store-bought or DIY, adding a wreath to your door is such a classic way to add a festive touch. Another option is to hang a fun sign on your door--you can even find some fun Autumn signs at the dollar store!


Mantles and open shelving present the perfect space for decorating for Fall. Adding pumpkins, flowers, candles, garlands and even string lights that are Autumn-themed is the perfect way to announce to visitors that you and your family love Fall!


If you love Fall, you probably are a fan of seasonal scents! Candles in fragrances like cinnamon, pumpkin spice, and sweet vanilla are sweet ways to add Autumn scents to your home. There are also some really cool ways you can simmer scents on your stove to bring yummy Fall smells into your kitchen!


In addition to candles, simmering fragrances on the stove, and displaying flowers, there are a few small touches you can bring into your kitchen to announce Autumn. Autumn themed kitchen towels, displaying kids’ Fall-themed artwork on the fridge are a couple of fun ideas.


Yay for Autumn crafts! We love how many fun crafts there are out there for both amateur and advanced craftists. Check out this link for some ideas, and also an easy way to find family-friendly or little childrens’ crafts is to search on Pinterest.

We hope you have enjoyed our ideas about how you can add Autumn touches to your home! Happy Fall!

Colors-Using flowers in Fall shades is an easy win. Using flowers in shades of orange, yellow, brown, bronze, red is a surefire way to lend a Fall vibe.

Elegant Thanksgiving place setting with a white plate, decorative autumnal sprig, and a name card with handwritten "thankful" on a rustic wooden table.