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Introducing BloomsyBox’s Preserved Collection

Wednesday, September 8, 2021

BloomsyBox’s new Preserved Collection features over a dozen new, carefully curated, and dried floral bouquets. Preserved bouquets are the chic older sibling to our traditional fresh flower arrangements. They’re guaranteed to bring a sophisticated elegance to your space. Each of our preserved bouquets features a unique assortment of colors and textures.

Close-up of a pastel-colored dried flower arrangement with pink and blue flowers, with delicate textures, arranged on a wooden surface.

About the Preserved Bouquet Collection

We’ve created a wide array of preserved bouquets, allowing you to choose an arrangement that will add a treasured touch to any space. From serene and subdued arrangements to bright and colorful preserved bouquets--there’s something for everyone in the collection. Preserved bouquets arrive completely dried and prepared for display. Our preserved bouquets do not need to be placed in water. In fact, they require no maintenance at all. Simply style them and you’ll be enjoying your beautiful preserved bouquet for months to come. We recommend that you keep your preserved bouquet out of direct sunlight to ensure they maintain their color. It’s also important to keep them away from water or humidity.

What Makes Preserved Bouquet Different

We love that these new, preserved bouquets are low-maintenance and extremely long-lasting. Our collection of preserved bouquets has been artfully arranged and carefully prepared for you. Everything included in your preserved bouquet has been selected and dried to create a one-of-a-kind arrangement. Each of the botanicals included in your arrangement has a unique texture and shape. In combination, the layers of color give each bouquet a luxurious appearance.

How to Incorporate Preserved Bouquets into Interior Decor

Preserved or dried floral arrangements are gaining in popularity and attention. Preserved bouquets are a contemporary alternative for bridal bouquets. They’re also ideal to use as centerpiece arrangements, or for elegant interior decor. Our preserved bouquets can be incorporated into chic maximalist looks, rustic decor, or added to create a whimsical or bohemian vibe. We love incorporating preserved arrangements into our entryways, or powder room decor.

If you’re looking for a way to add visual interest or color to office spaces, preserved bouquets provide the beauty and luxury of traditional flower arrangements without the hassle. Preserved bouquets keep their allure longer and don’t require any upkeep.

You can style preserved bouquets in several inviting ways. We like using opaque vases--try looking for ceramic or stone vases. You can also try using a woven, rattan, or wicker basket or wrapped vase. A preserved bouquet will add interest and texture to any space--they’re ideal for mantels, coffee tables, kitchen islands, or shelves. Try pairing your preserved arrangement with more subtle decor like a stack of books, framed photos, or small tchotchkes.

How to Gift a Preserved Bouquet

Preserved bouquets make an excellent gift! Your recipient will enjoy their stunning arrangement for much longer than traditional florals. You might consider gifting them for baby or bridal showers, as a hostess gift, or for no reason at all!

There’s a preserved bouquet for everyone in this collection. If you’re choosing a preserved bouquet for someone else, consider the colors they may already have incorporated into their interior decor. You can also take cues from printed invitations, which often feature your recipient’s chosen colors. When in doubt, there are also several preserved bouquets featuring neutral colors to compliment anyone’s style. Shop the Preserved Collection!

Each of the botanicals included in your arrangement has a unique texture and shape. In combination, the layers of color give each bouquet a luxurious appearance.

An elegant arrangement of cream and off-white dried flowers and foliage against a light background, perfect for a serene and natural home decor theme.