How to Incorporate Flowers into Fall Decor

Monday, September 27, 2021

When we think of flowers, we’ll often imagine bright colors, everything blooming, and Spring or Summer--and you’re not wrong. But the beauty of flowers extends well beyond traditionally bright bouquets. With thousands of flower varieties in even more colors and hues, flower bouquets for Fall can be equally, if not more, beautiful.


Incorporating fall flower arrangements into your decor is easy with just a few simple tips and tricks. Don’t wait for a specific season to enjoy Nature’s most exquisite gifts. Start incorporating flowers into your decor for a truly heavenly head start in Fall.

Consider Creating a Color Palette

A seasonal change in decor is most often expressed through a change in the color palette. In the Fall, we typically reach for warmer, richer colors, fabrics, and textures. In early Autumn, you might see more creams, yellows, and oranges. As the season progresses, those colors darken in hue. Try taking your color cues from Mother Nature! What colors are you currently seeing outdoors, and how can you bring those hues into your decor.

To integrate your Fall decor with flower arrangements, consider which color palette best suits your home, the season, and your personal style choices. Do you lean towards neutral colors, or do you find more joy in deep, dark colors? If you prefer neutral colors, you might stick to a bouquet with lots of creams, greenery, and just a pop or two of Fall colors like orange, amber, and rust.

Holidays are another great way to choose a color palette for your bouquet. Consider upcoming holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving--what colors do we traditionally associate with these days? From here, you can choose to stick with a traditional color palette or try something unconventional!

Mixing Textures to Create Visual Interest

Color can’t have all the fun this Fall! You might also consider experimenting with texture in your Autumn decor and florals. Consider what fabrics complement the season. For example, we might think of linen and cotton for the summer. In the Fall, you’ll want to incorporate more tweed or knits.

The patterns you use in your fall decor can also add texture or visual interest. Patterns like plaid, houndstooth, buffalo check, and moody floral will bring an added sophistication to your home.

Every flower bouquet has its own unique texture too! For a highly textured bouquet, look for the addition of grasses and other botanicals. In general, a bouquet with a wider variety of flowers will have more texture than one with fewer varieties. For a classically clean, lower impact look, consider a more uniform bouquet featuring just one or two different flower varieties. All bouquets are equally beautiful, but the right one can add a little je ne sais quois to your space.

The Rule of Three

If you’re looking to style your bouquet on a shelf, table, or mantle, you’ll want to consider the rule of threes. The rule is easy! Items that are arranged into groups of three are more appealing and attractive.

Our brains like to look for patterns, which means we quickly skip over groups of two, four, and six. However, when we see odd-numbered groups, our brains slow to process and look for the pattern it expects to see. When we linger on an image in our mind, it gives us time to appreciate its beauty.

To use this rule when styling your bouquet, combine your vase of flowers with two other items. You might choose to style your bouquet on top of a horizontal book and next to a brass figurine. You might decide to split your bouquet into three vases and create arrangements of varying scales. With the rule of three, you’ll have almost endless ways to add to your interior decor.

Fall Bouquets for All

Our collection of Fall bouquets features a tremendous variety of colors, textures, and flowers. There’s something for everyone and just the right bouquet for your kitchen counter, dining table, office desk, and bedside. Explore all of the options and find the bouquet that best fits your Fall decor vision.

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Try taking your color cues from Mother Nature! What colors are you currently seeing outdoors, and how can you bring those hues into your decor.

Close-up of a person holding a vibrant bouquet with orange roses, purple flowers, greenery, and other assorted blooms, showcasing a variety of colors and textures.