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How to Care for Preserved Bouquets

Monday, September 27, 2021

Our preserved bouquet carefully combines delicately dried flowers and grasses to create long-lasting, naturally beautiful bouquets. Preserved bouquets make an excellent alternative to traditional flower bouquets.

Close-up of a warm-toned dried flower arrangement featuring delicate white baby's breath and rustic brown leaves, creating a cozy, vintage ambiance for a natural decor theme.

To keep your preserved bouquets looking their best, follow our simple tips. With a bit of care, your bouquet will look lovely for a long time!

Avoid Water and Humidity

The first rule of caring for your preserved bouquets is to avoid water or humidity at almost any cost. Once you receive your preserved flowers, your bouquet does not need to be placed in a vase of water (or trimmed)!

When styling and placing your bouquet in your home or office, be sure to consider how much humidity there might be. It’s best to keep preserved bouquets out of places like bathrooms and away from the kitchen sink or stove. If you use an essential oil diffuser or humidifier in your home, you’ll want to avoid placing your bouquet nearby.

Keep out of Direct Sunlight

We imagine that you’ve fallen in love with the gorgeous and unique colors of your preserved bouquet, and we can’t blame you! If you want to keep the colors in your bouquet looking their best, it’s critical to keep your bouquet out of direct sunlight.

While direct sunlight is great for bleaching your white sheets, it can have a similar effect on your preserved bouquet. A little bit of sun won’t hurt it, but intense afternoon rays might leave your preserved bouquet looking a little less than vibrant.

Cleaning your Preserved Bouquet

Every home, office, and indoor space will accumulate a bit of dust over time. Keeping your preserved bouquet clean will require occasional dusting. Remember that your preserved flowers are incredibly delicate (we’re talking grandma’s fine china delicate)!

To ensure that you don’t bend or break any of the flowers or botanicals in your preserved bouquet, you can use an old-fashioned feather duster. While there are other dusting products on the market, we can recommend them because their fibers tend to catch on the tiny, delicate bit of your flowers.

If you don’t have a feather duster, we recommend using a hairdryer. To use this method, be sure to set the dryer on low or no heat and start on the absolute lowest setting. Keep the dryer one to two feet away from the bouquet and give it a gentle stream of air to fluff and remove dust.

Seasonal Storage Solutions

If you plan to display your preserved bouquet seasonally (instead of indefinitely), we recommend keeping the box your bouquet arrived in. If you’ve already disposed of the box, you’ll want to find a similarly sized, sturdy storage option.

To support and protect your preserved bouquet, you can use a bit of tissue paper. Be sure to seal the box well. Keep in mind that the same rules about sunlight, heat, and humidity apply here. Ideally, you should store your preserved bouquets in a temperature-controlled environment like a closet rather than an unfinished basement, garage, or crawl space.

Shop Preserved Bouquets

Is there such a thing as too many preserved bouquets? Every season provides a new opportunity to add sophisticated color and texture to your living spaces. With Fall finally here, you might look for a preserved bouquet with warm, seasonal blooms.

Our favorite preserved bouquets for Fall include Essence and Sage-- they’re neutral enough to complement year-round decor but are evocative of Autumn leaves. For a bit more festive color, try the Rouge preserved bouquet. It features a blend of butterscotch, light carmine, and sherbert.

If you want to keep the colors in your bouquet looking their best, it’s critical to keep your bouquet out of direct sunlight.

Fresh white flower arrangement with baby's breath and greenery on a natural wooden surface, conveying a minimalist and organic aesthetic for home decoration.