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Guide to Choosing Flower Gifts for Any Occasion

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Whether you're offering someone love, condolences, or congratulations, nothing says it quite like a flower. But how do you pick out the perfect one? The meaning behind different flowers can affect how they are received. The last thing you want is to send the wrong message with your flowers. So in this post, we'll teach you to understand flowers and the symbolism behind them.

Close-up of a vibrant bouquet of purple tulips with fresh green leaves and delicate white filler flowers, set against a softly blurred background.

We will walk you through different milestones in life and talk about appropriate flower gifts for each one. Keep reading to learn more about which blooms make the perfect gifts!

Weddings and Marriage

At the wedding itself, the bride and groom tend to pick out the flowers! But if someone you know has upcoming nuptials, it is a great idea to send them a congratulatory flower gift. But what kind of flower is appropriate? Many flowers symbolize love. But a few, in particular, can convey luck in marriage. For example, peonies are a wonderful gift to send to someone who is about to be married. Peonies symbolize prosperity and a happy marriage in some contexts. In other contexts, they can mean romance. Myrtle is also a good choice. Myrtle symbolizes luck and love in a marriage. If you don't want to be marriage-specific, choose an amaryllis-based arrangement. Amaryllis is a bright and enthusiastic-looking flower, and it symbolizes love and determination. This is a great message to send someone who is approaching their nuptials!

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is the most romantic holiday there is. And many people love to celebrate with flowers. In 2020, Americans spent $2.3 billion on flowers and plants for their loved ones! The most popular type of flower gift on Valentine's Day is the red rose. This flower symbolizes deep, passionate love. If you give your beloved a gift of red roses, there will be no doubt about your intentions. But red roses are far from your only options for Valentine's Day. Red tulips have the same connotations as red roses and can be a nice way to add variety to your holiday. In addition, one of the things that peonies symbolize is bashful flirtation, so these flowers are a good gift for your crush. A pot of orchids is also a good choice for Valentine's Day. Orchids don't only convey romance but also a sense of luxury. In some connotations, they symbolize seduction. Of course, there are other colors of roses besides red. And they all have their own meanings! So here are a few other roses you may consider giving out on Valentine's Day:

  • Pink roses symbolize admiration
  • White roses symbolize chaste love
  • Yellow roses symbolize friendship
  • Primroses symbolize new love and new beginnings
  • Coral roses symbolize desire

You can convey a wide variety of messages just with the color of your rose. No matter what stage of a relationship you are in on Valentine's Day, there is an appropriate flower gift for you.

Funerals and Gravesites

Flowers are often appropriate ways of showing condolences. Often when someone dies, people send the bereaved family a gift of flowers. However, flowers are not appropriate for funerals in every culture, so it is best to check with the family first. But many families want to receive flowers as a symbol of their loved one's life. White lilies are a symbol of restored purity for the soul of the deceased family member. This is why you commonly see them at funerals. Sometimes it is appropriate to send flowers that can be planted at the gravesite. Pansies are hardy little flowers that can survive without much care. They symbolize remembrance, which is a beautiful sentiment to convey after someone's passing. With pansies, you show that they are gone but never forgotten. Rosemary bushes also symbolize remembrance. These are good gifts for those members of the family left behind. They are also hardy plants that can last for years and always serve as reminders of those who have passed on. You may have also witnessed the tradition of wearing red poppies pinned to lapels as a nod to veterans. Red poppies are a way to acknowledge those who have fought or died in a war. If your deceased loved one has a military past, red poppies are a wonderful way to honor their memory.

Promotions and New Life Chapters

Has a friend or family member recently made an exciting new move in their life? Perhaps they got a new job, a promotion, or graduated from college. These things deserve to be celebrated, and flowers are the perfect gift. But what flower clearly says congratulations? A few of them do! Dahlias are a great way to convey both dignity and pomp. This makes them the perfect celebratory flower for occasions that you are proud of. Dahlias come in many colors, of which you can find layers of symbolism as well. But if the recipient is graduating from a high school or college, school colors are also appropriate. Daffodils are a wonderful way to symbolize new beginnings. This is probably because they are widely recognized as a harbinger of spring. So for new jobs, new homes, or other new chapters, daffodils are a cheery way to convey congratulations. For new jobs, you may want to gift a flower that conveys success in a person's career. In flower language, this comes across as a symbol of wealth. For example, the cornflower, with its beautiful blue blooms, symbolizes good fortune and wealth. For some Eastern cultures, the lotus is a symbol of rebirth and self-regeneration. It's not just a fresh start but a symbol of enlightenment. So for those in your life beginning new chapters, there is no better flower. Lastly, you cannot go wrong with a gift flower bouquet of gardenias. These beautiful flowers symbolize joy. One look at them, and you will see why.

Winter Holidays

In the colder months of winter, there is nothing better than flowers to bring some life into your home. For those that celebrate Christmas, this means poinsettias. Poinsettias come in colors like white and red and symbolize varying Christian themes. Sometimes they mean the Star of Bethlehem, and sometimes they symbolize the blood of Christ. Either way, they are a lovely addition to the recipient's home around the holidays. If you celebrate Hanukkah, lilies are a traditional flower to give as part of bouquets. They can be the central flower or the only flower. Alternatively, you can give a peace lily plant around Hannukah for a gift that lasts a little longer. Besides lilies, there are a few other flowers you can give as gifts around Hanukkah. Roses, white and blue hydrangeas, and snow-white alstroemeria are all good flower gifts.

Baby Showers

Baby showers are an exciting time to celebrate new life. As such, the appropriate flower gifts will symbolize new beginnings. As we mentioned earlier, daffodils are a good choice for new chapters like a baby's birth. But you have other options as well, such as daisies. Daisies symbolize innocence, a perfect gift to recognize a newborn baby. Gerbera daisies come in multiple colors, allowing you to mix and match baby shower color themes if you need to. And what about the new mother? When a woman becomes a mother, a new chapter in her life begins, and it is best to celebrate with a flower. Lilies are a great way to symbolize motherhood. Any flower you can find in spring or early summer is also an appropriate way to recognize the circle of life and the beauty of new birth.


Wedding anniversaries merit flowers! You can celebrate an anniversary by giving the same flowers you had in your wedding bouquet. Another option is to choose a flower that holds special significance for your marriage. But each anniversary actually has its own designated flower. Here are some of the traditional anniversary flowers:

  • Carnations, symbols of young love, mark 1st anniversaries
  • 5th anniversaries are marked by daisies, routine yet beautiful, like your marriage
  • 10th anniversaries merit a bouquet of daffodils, a collection of beautiful individual memories together
  • 20th anniversaries are celebrated with the aster flower, a symbol of wisdom and knowledge
  • 25th anniversaries are marked by irises, tall, strong, and beautiful
  • 50th anniversaries are celebrated with yellow roses and violets, two flowers that are different yet complement each other beautifully

These flowers symbolize more than just a day on the calendar. They demonstrate the accomplishment of building a life together. If none of the above suits your fancy, there are a few more floral indications of persevering love that you can draw from. First, the edelweiss. You probably heard of them in "The Sound of Music." Edelweiss are small white flowers that thrive in alpine climates. Perhaps because of their strength, they are used to symbolize devotion and courage—what a good way to convey that your love is unfading. Lavender is also a symbol of devotion. Giving your beloved a bouquet, box, or lavender plant is a wonderful gift for any anniversary. Plus, lavender is known for its calming qualities. Its scent can soothe and relax you, making it a great gift for any hard worker in your life.

Birthday Flowers

There is no better time to gift someone a bouquet than on their birthday. The ideal birthday flowers convey positivity and happiness. Lilies, gerberas, and gladiolus are the perfect flowers to give someone on their birthday. Lilies have many meanings, but one of them is positivity and happiness. So there is no better message to send on a birthday than this! Just be careful if the recipient has cats. Lilies can be extremely toxic to felines. Gerbera daisies represent innocence and cheerfulness. This makes them a good birthday gift for anyone who brings a little sweetness into your life. And gladiolus flowers are a symbol of infatuation. So if it is your special someone's birthday, the gladiolus may be the right flower to give them.

Regrets and Reminders

This past year, many of us have been separated from those that we love. Modern technology has made it easy to connect, but sometimes digital conversations don't feel like enough. That is why sending a flower gift to someone can be a powerful reminder of how much you love them. The most obvious flower for this occasion is the Forget Me Not. Beautiful flowers like these require no interpretation. The significance is in the name. Zinnias are also a great flower for this occasion. Bright and cheerful, zinnias symbolize the message "don't forget about me!" If someone you love has moved far away, maybe recurring flower gift baskets are the best way to show them that they are not forgotten. We offer flower subscriptions that you can send routinely to those you care about. A recurring flower delivery gift means they will always have fresh flowers as a reminder of you. And what about when you have erred and need forgiveness? Nothing says it better than the purple hyacinth. These flowers say "I'm sorry" in a beautiful and fragrant way.

Flower Gifts For Any Occasion

No matter what is happening in your life, you can say what you need to say with flowers. Flower gifts are appropriate for funerals, weddings, births, and other significant life events. From the beginning to the end, flowers are a beautiful way to convey what is in our hearts. At BloomsyBox, we want to help you celebrate all of life's milestones with the perfect flower. To browse some of our available bouquets and boxes, click here.

Flower gifts are a thoughtful way to show you care, but there are some tips to follow to help you choose your flowers. Follow our guide for your next gift.