Favorite Summertime Flowers

Monday, June 29, 2020

Summer is the perfect time for flowers! Bright colors and cheerful forms are the hallmarks of a summer flower. There are so many to choose from that it can be hard to decide, but we can make the decision easier. Below you’ll find some of our favorite summertime flowers!

A vibrant bouquet of pink peonies and red roses in a white textured vase on a table with a small pile of books and a punnet of strawberries beside it, against a gray backdrop.

If you still don’t know what flower you want in your summertime bouquet, we at BloomsyBox can make that decision easy as well. Join our subscription service and we will curate a unique bouquet for you regularly. We offer some amazing summertime arrangements for you to choose from as well.

But, without further ado, let’s discuss our favorite summertime flowers.

Roses No list of our favorite summertime flowers would be complete without roses. Some roses bloom for the entire summer, and some only for a week or two in early to midsummer. One way or the other, a rose is an ideal flower to grace your summertime bouquet.

Roses are extremely versatile. That and their association with romantic love are the reasons they are the most popular flower in the world. There are a plethora of colors and types of roses to choose from. Red, yellow, pink, multi-colored, and more. And, each color has a meaning.

At BloomsyBox we offer a wide selection of roses. It doesn’t matter the occasion; you can find the rose you need from us. Whether you want your roses alone or as part of a colorful bouquet, we can meet your needs.

Lavender Lavender is another flower synonymous with summer. It is common in temperate climates such as the Mediterranean, Europe, and even northern Africa. Today lavender is grown all over the world, including in the United States. Most people love the smell of lavender flowers. So, why not put them in your summer bouquet?

The relaxing scent of lavender, its tall height, and the beautiful purple flowers make it a showstopping addition to any flower arrangement. Lavender is also easy to grow and is perennial in all but the most northern points in the U.S. So, if you love lavender, consider growing this flower yourself. You will be able to enjoy it all summer long.

Daylily Daylilies are hardy, beautiful, and bloom in the mid-late summer. Like roses, there are many colors and types of daylilies to choose from. Yellow and gold are the most common colors. However, you can also find them in all the colors of the rainbows. In fact, you may even find some daylilies with many colors of the rainbow in each flower.

Daylilies are distinguished by their large flowers and long stamen. They are a great centerpiece of any flower arrangement. At BloomsyBox we offer summer bouquets with the most beautiful daylilies around.

Marigold Just because they are a common flower in most gardens does not mean marigolds should be discounted in bouquets. Marigolds have many uses, being beautiful and cheerful is just one of them. Marigolds work wonderfully as a pest deterrent. That is why they are often planted in vegetable gardens.

Another great thing about marigolds is that there is a huge variety of them to choose from. There are four main types to be aware of: American marigolds, French marigolds, signet marigolds, and pot marigolds. Each has its own growth habit and flower size. Mixing the varieties of marigold in a bouquet is a great way to signal that summer has come.

Peonies Peonies look very similar to roses. They have a flower made of many petals. The ruffled appearance is striking in a summer bouquet. Peonies are perennial in a wide variety of hardiness zones. So, even if you cannot grow roses, you can probably grow peonies. If you love peonies, try a tree peony. These large shrubs can be four to seven feet and tall and four to five feet wide. Talk about a striking garden plant!

Don’t worry if you don’t want to take the trouble to grow your peonies. At BloomsyBox, we source our flowers from high-quality farms. Any of our summer bouquets with peonies will brighten your space well.

Hibiscus Hibiscus grows best in subtropical and tropical environments. That is why it screams summer for those of us in colder climates. Although hibiscus is not native to most of the United States, they are quite common in summer flower arrangements. Plus, they are edible as well. Hibiscus tea is a very popular summer drink.

These large and brightly colored flowers should be the centerpiece of a bouquet. They can overpower other small blooms. However, if used correctly, there is no better flower to brighten up your home or office space.

Sunflower Often people associate sunflowers with the fall. These tall, large yellow and black flowers do often appear in a Thanksgiving arrangement. However, sunflowers bloom in later summer. Nothing says be happy like the sunflower.

Sunflowers are super easy to care for. They also last a long time. It doesn’t matter what the occasion, a bouquet with sunflowers is appropriate. Just make sure to get your sunflowers from high-quality farms. You don’t want them to arrive with damaged petals or messed up stems. For the best sunflowers anywhere, you need to make your purchase from BloomsyBox.

How to put together a great summertime bouquet? Know that you know our picks for the top summertime flowers, it is time to make your flower arrangement. Choosing any of the flowers mentioned above will set you well on your way to a wonderful and bright bouquet. Yet, for some, the process may still be a bit intimidating.

If you want great summertime bouquets without the hassle, let the team at BloomsyBox make a flower arrangement just for you. With weekly and bi-weekly subscription plans to choose from, you never have to worry about choosing the right flowers. Our experts will put together the perfect bouquet using some (or all) of the flower mentioned in this article.

To get the most out of summertime, you need to bring some of the beautiful plant life into your home. Let us help you bring summer alive by choosing one of our high-quality bouquets made from our favorite summertime flowers.

Sunflowers are super easy to care for. They also last a long time. It doesn’t matter what the occasion, a bouquet with sunflowers is appropriate.