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What Your Favorite Flower Says About You

Monday, July 27, 2020

Did you know your favorite flower says a lot about you? While most of us enjoy a wide variety of flowers, there is usually likely to be one that is our favorite. ****

Three joyful women laughing and enjoying a sunny day in a vibrant sunflower field with a clear blue sky in the background.

The meanings attributed to flowers go back centuries. But, these meanings were codified in the West in the 19th century. This is when the red rose began to stand for romantic love. All flowers were given meanings so that you could send a nuanced message in just a bouquet.

While most people no longer consider flower meanings when creating a bouquet—expect maybe roses, which everyone knows stands as a symbol of love—they are still important. Understanding the history of some of the most commonly requested flowers can help you learn more about yourself.

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Do you have a favorite flower? Is it one of the most popular flowers listed below? If so, keep reading to find out what loving these flowers say about you.

Favorite flowers and what they say about you There are seemingly infinite flowers in the world. Each has been given a meaning that can be attributed to people who love them. Discussing the meanings of each flower would be an impossible task. So, here are the most popular flowers and their meanings.

Calla Lilies Calla Lilies take the traditional lily shape and streamline it. They have long, thin stems, which make them a striking addition to any arrangement. Calla lilies also come in a variety of colors and color combinations. They are a versatile flower that is very popular with gifts.

If the calla lily is your favorite flower, you are likely a minimalist. You love to get to the point. Calla lily lovers also tend to prefer modern and understated styles.

Carnations Carnations are like roses in that their different colors express different meanings. For example, the white carnation supposedly stands for innocence. The pink carnation is said to mean a woman’s or mother’s, love. The pink carnation got its meaning from a Biblical story. It is said that pink carnations sprang up from Mary’s tears when she saw Jesus on the cross. This is why pink carnations are so associated with a mother’s love. Make sure to gift your mother a carnation next Mother’s Day!

But, what does loving a carnation say about you? If the carnation is your favorite flower, you are a down-to-earth person. You tend to be extremely practical and prefer the simple pleasures in life.

Daises There are few flowers as cute as the daisy. Daises are small and white with big yellow centers. There are many types of daisies, but all have the basic shape and coloring. Daises are associated with springtime. Their name comes from an old English word, which has the meaning “day’s eye.” The daisy’s small size and cheerful look make them an extremely versatile flower for arrangements.

A love of daises means that you are energetic and loving. You are also a loyal friend and tend towards cheerfulness more than melancholy. There is a reason daises were called the “day’s eye” in old English and loving them means you are likely a morning person.

Hydrangeas We are moving now from a small flower to a large one. Hydrangeas have huge flower heads made up of a cluster of smaller flowers. There are few flowers as striking or unique as the hydrangea. This large flower makes a great focal point in a bouquet. They also come in a variety of colors, which allows them to be a versatile member of any arrangement.

Hydrangea lovers are strong and versatile. However, you likely need a little more TLC than your peers. If hydrangea lovers are left alone for too long, they may start to wilt just like their favorite flower.

Irises Irises have one of the most unique shapes of any flower. The 250-300 species of iris are all almost immediately recognizable. They come in a lot of color combinations as well as sizes. The unique patterning and colors of the iris make them a favorite for many. It is no wonder that this flower has traditionally been a symbol of royalty.

Iris lovers are creative and unique. You are like a quirky art-lover or creative of some kind. You also tend to be a dreamer who lives in your own world.

Orchids Orchids are extremely numerous around the world. They actually make up between 6% to 11% of all seed plants in the world. Orchids are so common; they are likely in your pantry right now. We bet you didn’t realize that vanilla beans come from an orchid!

Here at BloomsyBox, we offer live orchids—not the vanilla orchid, though. If your favorite flower is an orchid, you should definitely check out our offerings. You should also know that you are classy and elegant. People might even describe you as sophisticated and exotic.

*Roses * There is no more popular flower in the world than the rose. It is ubiquitous in-store everywhere. The rose is one of the few flowers whose meaning has not been lost to the nineteenth century. Instead, its association with love continues to be celebrated every Valentine’s Day.

Rose lovers are passionate and romantic people. You love family, romantic getaways, and tradition. Women who love roses tend to be girly and love beautiful things as well.

Sunflowers Sunflowers are warm and in-your-face. It is impossible to ignore a sunflower. They are tall and have huge yellow and orange flower heads. They truly resemble the sun, which is where they get their name.

If the sunflower is your favorite flower, you likely have a warm, bright, and sunny disposition. You are outgoing and impossible to ignore just like your flower of choice.

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If the sunflower is your favorite flower, you likely have a warm, bright, and sunny disposition. You are outgoing and impossible to ignore just like your flower of choice.