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Classic Fall Flowers

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Autumn has arrived! That first cool evening that you begin to feel a crisper breeze and need to take out a thicker blanket is always a welcome sign that Fall is on its way. In addition to the fashion, food, holidays, and the beautiful changing of the leaves–and return of pumpkin spice everything, of course–one of the best things about Fall is the way that we can beautifully bring it into our homes.

One of the easiest and most beautiful way to bring the season into your home is by decorating your home with flowers. Some of the most beautiful flowers peak in the Fall every year, and their rich hues and interesting textures will instantly give any room that true Autumn vibe. Creating flower arrangements in Fall is so fun because you can introduce so many different types of flowers, foliage, and even edible plants such as kale or cabbage into your flower arrangements and centerpieces.

Whether you are decorating your home for a holiday like Halloween or Thanksgiving, an intimate dinner party or family gathering, or just to give your home some seasonal flair, there are many types of flowers that are Fall centerpiece staples.

Bunch of vibrant orange and yellow roses with green leaves lying on a wooden table, featuring a red ribbon with the BloomsyBox logo printed in white.


Mums–for short–are a quintessential Fall flower, and are mainstays in both Autumn-themed flower arrangements, as well as on their own. There are all kinds of colors, sizes, petal styles and textures when it comes to Mums. One of the most popular of varieties is the Spider Mum. Available in several shades like yellow and burgundy, their slender, long petals add texture to any flower arrangement. Mums also look great on their own, and an extra perk of mums is their long vase life.


Roses are beautiful on their own and in flower arrangements all year long, of course, but in the Fall, there are several types and shades that lend themselves beautifully to seasonal flower arrangements. Available in colors ranging from yellows, reds, oranges, and even burgundies, roses also look beautiful and classic on their own. Leave them long for an elegant look, or cut them short for a more rustic feel.


Sunflowers are one of the most cheerful flowers around and always look gorgeous in any garden or flower arrangement. Their beautiful yellow petals and rustic look make them the perfect flower for fall. A big bunch of Sunflowers look beautiful on their own–try in a large Mason jar or other rustic-looking type of vessel. In flower arrangements with other Fall flowers and foliage, they stand out as the attraction. If you are finding that the heads of your Sunflowers are making them tilt over, look for a vase that has a narrow opening at top. After they are dried, don’t throw them away–you can use dried Sunflowers as a natural bird-feeder!


This simple, classic, understated flower is popular for so many different uses and occasions–and for good reason. Whether used on their own, in flower arrangements–both simple and complex–or in bridal bouquets, Daisies are truly a floral mainstay. You can stick daisies–cut to different sizes for a rustic look–in a Mason jar for a simple, classic arrangement. Or, combine them with different types of flowers like Sunflowers, Mums and Roses for a festive Fall flower arrangement.

Gerbera daisies

Gerbera daisies have exploded in popularity over the last few years. Their ultra-vibrant colors and cheery petal shape make them a favorite in Autumn. Available in bright shades of yellow, red, coral and orange, they are a festive favorite. Although they look great in floral arrangements, you may find that their vase life may be shorter than other flowers in an arrangement. Thus, often times Gerberas are used on their own so they won’t fade faster than other flowers in an arrangement.


Solidago, commonly called Goldenrod, is a wonderful choice in Fall flower arrangements, lending both a rich yellow hue and feathery texture. Interestingly, they are considered a weed in many parts of the world! Many florists and DIY-ers use Solidago as a filler in Fall flower arrangements. However, these flowers look amazing and very festive on their own in a simple vase. As rustic weddings have become more popular, Solidago is even used in many bridal bouquets these days.


The timeless elegance and casual chic that they lend to floral arrangements make Hydrangeas a popular choice in all kinds of floral arrangements across all 4 seasons. For Fall-themed floral arrangements, white and green shades are the most popular that are used.

Grasses & Amaranth

Integrating grasses into Fall-themed flower arrangements is a great way to add a rustic, natural flair to your flower arrangement. Black millet grass gives height and texture to floral arrangements, and works beautifully with other seasonal Fall flowers in rich hues. Amaranth also lends an interesting texture to floral arrangements. There are several different varieties of Amaranth, some in shades of deep red, that work well in Fall flower arrangements.

Leaves and Branches

Integrating leaves and branches of all kinds in your Fall flower arrangements is an instant way to add a festive touch. Yellow beech leaves, for instance, add a beautiful warm yellow tone to an arrangement. Oak and Sweetgum branches cut from the yard add texture and height. The quintessential symbol of Fall, the maple leaf, is a stunning standout in floral arrangements. If you don’t have a backyard–or live in an area where these types of trees do not grow–there are several other ways to find branches for your arrangements. Try online, or at your local florist shop.

As you can see, there are many different types of flowers that help bring the outdoors in during the Fall. As a BloomsyBox subscriber, you will have the freshest blooms of the season straight to your door every week or month.

Have fun experimenting, and Happy Fall, y’all!

One of the easiest and most beautiful way to bring the season into your home is by decorating your home with flowers. Some of the most beautiful flowers peak in the Fall every year, and their rich hues and interesting textures will instantly give any room that true Autumn vibe.

Vibrant yellow spider chrysanthemums with a striking shadow pattern cast on a decorative tiled floor, showcasing a contrast of floral beauty and intricate design.