The Ultimate Guide to Bridal Shower Gifting and Etiquette

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Bridal showers are an integral part of wedding traditions, offering a special occasion for friends and family to shower the bride-to-be with love, well wishes, and gifts.

Bridal Shower Gifting and Etiquette

Selecting the perfect bridal shower gift can seem daunting, but with a focus on the bride's preferences, like her love for flowers, you can uncover a plethora of unique and thoughtful present ideas. From real flowers and flower-themed decorations to floral jewelry and attire, there is no shortage of floral-inspired gifts. Additionally, personalized options such as monogrammed wedding items or handmade presents can add a touch of individuality and thoughtfulness to your gift.

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In this comprehensive guide, we'll first explore an array of bridal shower gift ideas revolving around floral themes and beyond. Then, we'll answer the 20 most frequently asked questions about bridal shower gift etiquette to ensure you're well-prepared for any upcoming bridal shower events.

Bridal Shower Gift Ideas

Real Flowers: A bouquet of the bride's favorite flowers can be a wonderful expression of your affection for her. To make this gift even more special, consider gifting a subscription to a monthly flower delivery service, ensuring the bride-to-be has a fresh supply of beautiful blooms leading up to her wedding day.

Flower Decorations: Floral-themed home decor items make fantastic bridal shower gifts. Consider gifting floral wall art, vases, or even floral-printed bedding or curtains. These gifts will infuse the bride's home with her favorite floral patterns, serving as a constant reminder of the lovely bridal shower.

Floral Arrangements: For a more interactive and fun gift, consider signing the bride up for a DIY floral arrangement class. Not only will she end up with a gorgeous centerpiece, but she'll also gain a new skill that she can use to beautify her home.

Floral Jewelry: Jewelry pieces featuring floral designs, such as rose-shaped pendants, flower charm bracelets, or earrings with floral motifs, make for elegant and timeless gifts that the bride can treasure and wear on multiple occasions.

Floral Dress: A beautiful floral dress can be a fantastic addition to the bride's wardrobe. Whether for the honeymoon or the numerous events leading up to the wedding, a floral dress is a versatile gift that the bride is sure to appreciate.

Monogrammed Gifts: Gifts featuring the bride's initials, like monogrammed bathrobes, towels, or bedding sets, add a personal touch and can make her feel extra special during this exciting time.

Handmade Presents: If you're skilled at crafts, a handmade gift like a memory-filled scrapbook or a cozy knitted throw could be a heartfelt and unique present.

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Bridal Shower Etiquette: 20 Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much should you spend on a bridal shower gift? While there's no set rule, guests typically spend between $25-$75 on bridal shower gifts. However, your relationship with the bride can influence this. Close friends and family often spend more than distant relatives or casual acquaintances.
2. Should you bring a gift even if you can't attend the bridal shower? It's not mandatory, but it is a nice gesture to send a gift if you're close to the bride. This shows you're thinking of her, even though you can't be there in person.
3. What kind of gifts are appropriate for a co-ed shower? For co-ed or "Jack and Jill" showers, aim for gifts that both partners can enjoy. Think of things like kitchen gadgets, board games, or a gift card to a favorite restaurant.
4. Is it okay to give cash or gift cards? Absolutely! Many modern brides appreciate the flexibility that cash or gift cards provide. This allows them to purchase exactly what they need or put the money towards larger expenses.
5. Is it necessary to buy a gift from the registry? While it's not required, buying from the registry is a good idea as it ensures you're giving something the couple needs or wants.
6. Should the bridal shower gift be wrapped? Yes, gifts should be wrapped or placed in a decorative gift bag. This makes the gift-opening process more exciting for the bride and the guests.
7. Can I give a group gift? Group gifts are a great way to contribute towards a larger, more expensive item on the registry. They're perfectly acceptable and can allow you to give the bride a higher-ticket item she might not receive otherwise.
8. Should I bring my gift to the bridal shower or send it in advance? Traditionally, guests bring the gift to the bridal shower. However, if the gift is large or difficult to transport, it may be easier to ship it directly to the bride's home.
9. I'm also attending the bachelorette party. Do I need to bring a gift to both events? Typically, the bachelorette party doesn't require a gift. However, some guests choose to bring a fun, less formal present for this occasion.
10. Is it rude to bring a homemade gift? Not at all! In fact, many brides appreciate the thought and effort that goes into a homemade gift. It shows you've taken the time to create something unique and personal.
11. Can I bring a plus one to the bridal shower? Unless the invitation specifically states that you can bring a guest, it's best to assume that the invitation is just for you.
12. What should I wear to a bridal shower? Bridal showers are typically semi-formal events. A sundress or a nice blouse and skirt would be appropriate.
13. Do men typically attend bridal showers? Traditionally, bridal showers have been women-only events, but "couple showers" or "Jack and Jill" showers are becoming more popular.
14. Who should host the bridal shower? Usually, the maid of honor, bridesmaids, or the bride's close female relatives host the bridal shower.
15. When should the bridal shower take place? Bridal showers usually take place four to six weeks before the wedding.
16. Should you send thank-you notes after the bridal shower? Absolutely! It's important for the bride-to-be to acknowledge each guest's gift with a personal thank-you note.
17. What kind of food is served at a bridal shower? The menu can vary greatly depending on the time of day and theme of the shower. However, light bites like sandwiches, salads, fruit, and desserts are common.
18. What activities should be planned at a bridal shower? Bridal shower activities typically include games, gift opening, and sometimes a DIY activity or spa treatment.
19. What is a good size for a bridal shower? Bridal showers are typically smaller gatherings, with anywhere from 10 to 30 guests.
20. Can I have more than one bridal shower? Yes, it's not uncommon for a bride to have multiple showers hosted by different groups of people.

Bridal showers are joyous occasions, filled with love, laughter, and, of course, gifts. Choosing a gift that aligns with the bride's interests, like her love for flowers, or opting for personalized items, can make your present stand out. Remember, the essence of gifting lies in the thought and love behind it, rather than the price tag.

Understanding bridal shower etiquette is also crucial to navigate these events with grace and poise. We hope this guide has answered your most pressing bridal shower questions, from gift selection to etiquette rules. Happy gifting and celebrating!

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