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A Flower Bouquet For Every Season

Friday, April 9, 2021

Do you ever wonder what makes a flower arrangement perfect for a certain season? What makes a specific flower bouquet categorized as a “Fall flower bouquet” as opposed to a “Summer flower bouquet”?

Vibrant floral arrangement with a mix of pink, orange, and yellow flowers, including roses and wild grasses, displayed against a black vehicle backdrop.

Although just about any flower arrangement can be appropriate for any season—often called “evergreen”—there are certain qualities that contribute it to being described or labeled as seasonal. It’s always fun to add seasonal touches to a space – one easy, set it and forget it way to do so is through a flower subscription so there’s always a fresh seasonal flower bouquet surrounding you or your loved one!

SPRING In bloom! In many parts of the country, Spring signifies new growth—not only outside, but we often use Spring as a time to begin a fresh start: Spring Cleaning, anyone? Spring bouquets are usually styled to evoke the breezy, cheerful Springtime sunshine, to bring that inside.

Pastel flowers like lavender, yellow, pink and peach are usually popular to use in Spring flower bouquets. Tulips and lilies are two of the most popular flowers to use in Spring flower arrangements – especially pink stargazer lilies. Other popular Spring flowers include hydrangea, roses and cheerful sunflower bouquets.

SUMMER Time for fun in the sun! Even if you’re not able to get away on vacation, you can still channel sizzling summer with your flower arrangements!

Summer flower arrangements typically incorporate bright colors like hot pink, vivid reds, bright oranges, and vibrant purples.

One of the most popular trends in summer flower design is tropical bouquets. Tropical flower arrangements are best-sellers year round, but especially during the summer months.

Flowers like exotic Gingers and fun loofah and mini-pineapples are used in many of the tropical flower bouquets, along with plenty of tropical foliage.

FALL Time to pull out the flannel shirts! When the crisp breeze is in the air and leaves begin to change, it’s the perfect time to get into the Autumn spirit. Even if you do not live in a part of the country where you can experience the typical signs of Fall, you can bring the season into your home with decorative touches and fresh Fall flowers.

Sunflowers, chrysanthemums, goldenrod and alstroemeria are just a few of the most popular flowers used in Fall flower bouquets. Flowers in distinctively Autumn colors like oranges, burgundies, yellows, bronzes and red are often used in Fall flower arrangements.

WINTER Walking in a winter wonderland! Winter flower bouquets are some of the most beautifully designed – elegant and classic.

Winter white and classic cream shades are most often used, as well as red of course for Christmas.

Beautiful white roses and lilies, festive red hypericum berries, and greenery like evergreen stems are tried and true flowers used in Winter bouquets.

As you can see, flower bouquets are one of the easiest ways to bring the season inside!

Pastel flowers like lavender, yellow, pink and peach are usually popular to use in Spring flower bouquets.