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Eucalyptus – The Plant with Superpowers

Wednesday, November 2, 2022

It’s no mystery why eucalyptus has been revered for many years as a plant with superpowers–with so many benefits, we think it’s magical too! In fact, we use eucalyptus so much that we decided to give the plant its own subscription plan.

A modern home interior showcasing a golden vase with eucalyptus branches next to luscious green bird-of-paradise leaves, promoting a tranquil and stylish atmosphere.

Now you don’t have to worry about reordering eucalyptus; you can enjoy the benefits of this powerful plant every month. Here are some of our favorite ways to put it to good use.


Hang your eucalyptus plant in the shower to enjoy aromatherapy benefits after a stressful day. The steam from the shower will turn your bathroom into a spa, and leave you feeling stress-free.


The aromatherapy from your eucalyptus is a powerful way to relieve your congestion and pain symptoms when sick.


Did you know insects hate the smell of eucalyptus? While you’re enjoying all of the benefits of eucalyptus, it will also act as a natural repellent for bugs.

Bloomsy Eucalyptus

Beautiful Benefits

Close-up of fresh eucalyptus branches arranged beautifully, showcasing their broad, rounded, silver-green leaves with a serene white backdrop.