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We're welcoming the season of gratitude with our Thankful Wall!


Tell Us What You're Thankful For


I am thankful for having a roof over my head and being able to attend school and be able to work to built a good future for me and my siblings

— Clarissa Lopez


I am thankful for all the times I've spent with family and friends. The pandemic was really hard on all of us, so to be able to move forward doing all the things we love is something to appreciate and be thankful for!

— Kathleen Murphy


I’m thankful my family has pulled through this year after we unexpectedly lost my Dad in March.

— Katharine Chisholm


I am thankful for being cancer free. I had breast cancer in 2019. My sister had breast cancer this year. I am extremely grateful for being a daughter to my 96 year old Mother. That’s a real blessing and she is coming for Thanksgiving Weekend. God is great!

— Janice Raiford


I am thankful  for my mom who will be 94 on December 29 and is in Good Health  thank the Lord Jesus I'm truly blessed

— David Impellizeri


I am thankful for nature and the beauty of our world!

— Flora Gilmer


Love my bloom sexy

— June Rickett


My family and friends and the deep bonds that we’ve developed through some life altering years.

— Katie B


I’m Thankful for each and every day, the time to learn and grow and enjoy life to the fullest.

— Lisa Bowes


I am thankful for the love that surrounds me!

— Stephanie Blackman


I am thankful for my children who keep life exciting!

— Allison K


Thankful to be able to spend time with family this year!

— Jennifer McCollum


Thankful for my family, friends and health.

— Kim Fosmire


My wife spent 225 days in the hospital and wasn't expected to get out without needing a transplant. We know it was God's will that she got out in time for our daughter's third birthday and to see one and a half year old son continue to grow.

— Adam Kudlo


I'm truly grateful for our loving family, together through thick and thin.

— Donna Young


So thankful for the health of those close, the love of family and cheer of good friends….best of the holidays for all!

— Kate K


I’m thankful for life!

— Govinda Willard


I’m thankful for each day as it is a gift to not be wasted.

— David Forde


I am thankful that God came to walk among us to have a relationship with us and that He died so that I would be saved. No greater love. No greater gift!

— Kathy Monteiro


Very blessed and thankful for our lovely family.  Love the conversations and willingness to always be there for one another through joyful and trying moments.

— Michelle Wadley


I am thankful for a loving, caring, family; and especially for my strong, loving, supporting mother who has been my champion through life! Mom's birthday is right before Thanksgiving so it is a wonderful time of year overall!

— Cindy Todoroff


Birthday girl

— Monique Cabral


Thankful for my family

— Sarah Strahler


I am thankful for my family and that I have had the honor, privilege and opportunity to be the caregiver for my 96 year old dad.

— Paul


I am thankful for being able to spend the holidays together!

— Laura Eppes


I am thankful for my loving family and the little piece of paradise God has so generously blessed us with. 

— Liri Hostetler


I am thankful for understanding the value of acts of self-care, like my BloomsyBox subscription. In this year of trauma, being kind to myself and reminding myself of all that is beautiful has helped.

— Cathy Thomas


I am thankful for having experienced a good, most fortunate life; my family, my friends, my blessings of privilege, opportunities and good health.

— Carol Perine


My family which are all healthy!!

— Joe King


I am thankful for my family and that I have had the honor, privilege and opportunity to be the caregiver for my 96 year old dad.

— Teresa Epperley


I am Thankful and Grateful for my Health and Family and Friends and I am especially Thankful for the amazing Beautiful Loving MOM i have who encourages me and inspired me

— Julianna Escobedo


I'm thankful for beautiful flowers, family and friends. And holiday time to be together.

— KC Sheldon


I am always Thankful for my kids and grandkids (and my furbabies). I am especially Thankful for them during THIS particular holiday season because we lost our husband/Dad/Grampa in January this year and this is a very sad, challenging time for us. 😢❤️

— Julie Smerkar


I’m thankful for flowers.

— Jane Kilian


My two girls. Our family is now complete!

— Melissa G.


I’m thankful for the gift of life that I get an opportunity to live my best life each day and that all around me is Gods gifts He gave to us and I’m so grateful I get to encounter them each day with the breath of life He gave me.

— Alexa O